Real-Time Experience RAWAX

RAWAX welcomes Marlon Hoffstadt to the Artist Family!
The berlin based producer will present two ep's in the near future.
Starting in April with The "Real-Time Experience". The relcord is expected in the first week of April.

Artist: Marlon Hoffstadt
Title: Real-Time Experience EP
Label: RAWAX
Genre: Techno
Format: 12"
Release date: 02.04.2018
A1 Marlon Hoffstadt & Natureboy Gold - Pitfield St.
B1 Marlon Hoffstadt - Heizkörper
B2 Marlon Hoffstadt - Future Potential

A1 Written & Produced by Marlon Hoffstadt & Natureboy Gold
B1 + B2 Written and Produced by Marlon Hoffstadt
Publishing: HYPE Publishing

Worldwide distributed by DBH Music

Themes From My Future Self
Midnight Themes 002

Midnight Themes 002 - Cover Digital.jpg

The second outing on his Midnight Themes imprint, Marlon Hoffstadt touches on featherlight acid, proto trance and jacking house across three tracks, also brimming with sub and dub.
Fresh from recent releases on Hot Haus, Ransom Note Records and his own Retrograde, Marlon Hoffstadt is reemerging as a defiant staple of dancefloors far and wide.
With his newest release, the Berlin producer encourages listeners to engage with the music without the parasitic interferences of 21st century life. So for the next 20 or so minutes - screens off and blinds down to enjoy some pure awareness.


Chemical Romance
Midnight Themes 001

MT001-Cover Cut3.jpg

The wheels kept turning as the smell of rubber hung thick in the air. Inside the velodrome the riders whizzed in circles, ever closer to the finish line yet caught within the infinite loop. He had been cycling since 1994 and yet the echo of this space still game him the same caustic shivers as the first time he'd entered. The bright fluorescent lights lit up the shiny wooden stretch with a magical glow and the sound of cheers were the only motivation helping to drive him home. He kept pedalling, kept looping, round and round.

Marlon Hoffstadt is a firm favourite here at Ransom Note, he recently launched his new label titled Midnight Themes and this track features on the first EP.

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Der Striker EP
(Free Download)

"Der Striker" is a free ep that i'm giving away through bandcamp.

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Observing The Known EP
(Ransom Note Records 010)


@marlonhoffstadt is a rising star as both a DJ and producer, effortlessly joining the dots between classic rave and the future of techno. Taking a break from running @retrograde-records, Marlon has cooked up 'Observing The Known' for Ransom Note Records. Over three tracks of warm synths and bubbly acid, the EP sees Marlon reimagining house music for today’s dancefloor, taking the passion and energy of ‘80s Chicago and giving it the production heft of 2017 Berlin

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Forgive You w/ Paris Brighledge


The chance pairing of Paris Brightledge and Marlon Hoffstadt yields ‘Forgive You’, an emotive and soulful Chicago house anthem.

Forthcoming on Unknown To The Unknown’s Hot Haus Recs sub-label, legendary vocalist Paris Brightledge, a frequent collaborator with Paranoid London and Sterling Void, lends his distinct chops to Marlon Hoffstadt’s cosmic production. ‘Forgive You’ is filled with passion and a raw house essence, factors highlighted by this unique pairing of talents.

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Shattered (w. Paris Brighledge) EP
(Retrograde Records 006)

Cover RTGD006.jpg

The glass broke with a firm crash. The pieces lay scattered across the floor of the bar as the fight began to unfold in chaotic style. Bottles were shattered and the noise of a brawl could be heard from the street outside. This was not any old dive bar but a place in which only trouble existed. The gangs would meet here every night fight, reak havoc and smash one another until the bitter end. The pink sky hung eerily up above as the noise of violence echoed through the thin evening air.

Marlon Hoffstadt collaborates with paris Brightledge on a new EP for Retrograde records. We bring to you the gorgeous instrumental version of the pairs musical outing.

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VA. In Reverse PT1 EP
(Retrograde Records 005)


Berlin based imprint Retrograde return with their fifth release - a various artists package featuring contributions from the likes of Terron, Matteo Luis and Marlon Hoffstadt.

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Coach Mike EP
(Retrograde Records 004)


The court looked so peaceful beneath the gaze of the floodlights. All that could be heard was the the thud, thud, thud of a ball on concrete and the metallic rattle of the chain netting which hung above. He would spend hours there at night, lost beneath the stars and the orange glow, just him and the ball. This was what coach mike had instructed him to do, to practise, to train, to perservere, to play. He wouldn't rest until he perfected the routine, it was all in the detail. That was what coach mike had said...
Up next on Retrograde records is the label's own founder Marlon Hoffstadt. He is remixed by the ever inventive and melodically inspired Massimiliano Pagliara.

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Smile (w. Paris Brighledge) EP
(Retrograde Records 002)


Berlin-based Marlon Hoffstadt's newest offering comes in the form of the four-part Smile EP, out on his own Retrograde label he co-runs with Natureboy Gold. Smile is a collaborative release with Paris Brightledge, a pioneer of Chicago house whose vocals were also on both "Paris Dub 1" and "2" by Paranoid London.

The release includes two original cuts from the duo, and their respective reworkings by Matteo Luis and Kris Wadsworth. "Smile" is counteracted with our pick, "Lies". This B-side shows off Hoffstadt's well versed club music rhetoric, with the track being pushed continually forward by propelling 303 melodies and heavily laden percussion. A story is explored in Paris' lyrics, as he discusses how coming from the ghetto doesn't always allow a freedom of feelings in life or in love.

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