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'Savour The Moment'

After the successes of “Retrograde” and “Marlon Hoffstadt Invites” party lines. The Berlin resident Marlon Hoffstadt introduces “Savour the Moment”. A new club night at Wilde Renate.
The Ethos is on awareness: the classic "clubbing experience" for Berlin once the norm, now somewhat lost to us.
Far too often the average clubber is more occupied with his phone than with the real-time experience unfolding before him, missing wonderful moments of a club night. “Savour the Moment' is a safe-space for people who do not Shazam, or want to share an Instagram story, or don’t even know they can live without it. Leave your dumbphones for a night at home, and if you do not wish to part with your best/worst cyborg piece of you, at least switch it to flight mode.
Face the challenge and enjoy the moment.


DJ Assault (Jefferson Ave, Detroit)
DJ Central (Regelbau, Help Recordings)
DJ Sports (Regelbau, Help Recordings)
Solid Blake (Apeiron Crew, Copenhagen)
Ghost Culture (Phantasy Sound, London)
Marlon Hoffstadt (Midnight Themes, Ransom Note Records)
Lokier (Squirrels On Film, Mexico)
Uta (Rec Room, Berlin)
Luigi Di Venere (Radio Cómeme, Cocktail D'Amore)
Natureboy Gold (Common Narrative, Cashmere Radio)
Philipp Schultheis (Smile For A While, FFM)

Resident Advisor